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You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly.
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When I told my family I was going to be a cover model before I died they laughed in my face! Before I die? Try two years. Your dreams are closer than you think. Reach out and grab them.

I am seriously still stunned at the work you have accomplished.

I love this because his ‘before’ picture is close to my build at the moment. Hardwork trumps most things.

U have a baby face….and a man’s body

Need to make some face gains still


Huge thanks to all my new followers and kind words in my inbox. I can’t get to all the messages but I read them all! I’m very lucky that I’m able to motivate a few people along the way!!


Within the last couple days:

• Robin Willians died

• an innocent black teenager was shot to death

• a police officer at west lake mall maced a black man that just happened to walk by, then arrested him and refused him water

• policemen have been using brute force against peaceful protesters

• Ebola has broken out

• 94 people were killed in 3 days in the Ukraine

• people have begun to plan a real life purge

Someone please tell me. What, in THE HELL is going on



Another beautiful woman unashamed of the love lines on her body.

Stretch marks can find a home on your body no matter the shape or size!

Loving the @loveyourlines campaign on Instagram.

This is lovely!



"Curing AIDS? Shit, that’s like Cadillac making a car that lasts for 50 years. And you know they can do it, but they ain’t going to do nothing that fucking dumb. Shit, they got metal on the Space Shuttle that can go around the Moon and withstand  temperatures of up to 20,000 degrees, you mean to tell me you don’t think they can make an El Dorado with a fuckin’ bumper that don’t fall off?"

- Chris Rock (“Bigger and Blacker”, 1999)

the sick sad truth

same with cancer. the cure already exists (marijuana) and it is still being suppressed~ but theres hope and movement!

to the people who have followed me lately that I did not greet


I work at taco bell. And all morning I’ve been wanting Mexican. So now I’m off work and decided to make a “taco salad” consisting of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, ground beef, red onion, jalapeños and siracha sauce.

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Andy Goldsworthy’s art

forever reblog

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